Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Curse you tv brightness! I see you though, Jason Kidd. I see the deceit in your eyes and your nosepick. Those eyes are leering at another target. I really like the assistant behind him, thinking long and hard about whether he should pick his nose or not. I am convinced that he was doing the long con. Keep your fingers there for as long as possible so everyone backs off the suspicion and then he can go for a nosepick. Kidd blew his cover though by picking his nose first. Dude probably had to wait another 5 minutes before the attention died down again so he could go for it. Kidd once again grabbing the attention because he doesn't have the patience to be subtle. 
Props to ESPN for once again making a montage of a coach that includes him picking his nose. We saw it before with Brian Shaw and now with Jason Kidd. Brian Shaw lost the last job they did this to him, so best of luck to Jason Kidd in Milwaukee.

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