Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Are the Pollen levels in Brazil limiting Nosepicks?

I was concerned watching these few games of the World Cup because I noticed a significant decline in the amount of nosepicks. The amount of extended closeups without budging towards the nose signals one of two things to me: Either the players and coaches have been tipped off about my strenuous research, or that the air is not conducive to nosepicking. So I did my research and there have been low/moderate levels of tree and grass pollen and absolutely no weed pollen. This has been making me nervous, but I do have good news about the pollen count for the upcoming games:
This is extremely promising news and I believe the nosepicking will increase significantly the next few days.

Also, despite my hand-wringing, I did manage to catch a few from the Korea/Russian match. First we have a Korean assistant coach going for a major clamp, not even bothering to put his pen down, so I admire the manual dexterity. We also have the Head Coach with his hands dangerously close to his face in the will he or won't he position. Unfortunately the cameras changed before we got an answer to the question.

 And next we managed to get Hong Jeongho just as he was turning his back to the camera. The spatial awareness is too impressive and therefore we only have a hint of a nosepick and no firm details on the technique. It hints of a swipe, but I can not say for sure and it would be against my journalistic integrity to call it definitively.

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