Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kevin Love with the fundamentally sound nosepick

Kevin Love: winner in the latest NBA GM poll asking "Which player makes the most of limited natural ability?" Simply being 6'10" and strong as hell doesn't get your far in the NBA these days. That's why Kevin Love's fundamentally sound technique and grit and high basketball IQ allows him to do so much despite the good lord giving him so little. This goes for nosepicks as well. LeBron can be all flash with his nosepicks. Kevin Love doesn't take chances with athletic one-fingered nosepicks. He just wants to get the job done: maintain a seated position, clamp down and make sure to simply complete the pick. No room for flair in his nosepicks, this poor man blessed with so little athletic ability, but he has the form and the scrappiness to pick his nose just like the other pros. What a nice young man.