Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tito Vilanova kindly requests you athletes step your nosepick game up

I understand posts have been few and far between lately, but the last few have been phenomenal and I'm really just letting each post sink in before the game gets changed. Again. Tito Vilanova, FC Barcelona's head coach wasn't really coaching when they got spanked by Bayern Munich the other day. I can't blame him, though, when he was busy innovating in the nosepick field. I've seen pointer-finger-picks. I've seen clamps. I've seen pointer-finger-picks THEN clamps. But never have I seen pointer-finger-picks and clamps AT THE SAME GODDAMNEDTIME. SHIT JUST GOT REALER. The amount of dexterity needed from both hands is immense. You can tell this is a coach's nosepick. Athletes rely on instincts, coaches need to plan, innovate, and analyze the game. Tito has clearly sat back seeing some great soccer nosepicks, analyzing the pros and cons of each. The strengths and weaknesses of each style and came to a strategy that flips nosepicks on its head. Two techniques at once. This is Tony Hawk's first 900. This is Dr. J's up-and-under layup. This is Willie Mays's over the shoulder catch. This is beautiful.

Source Credit: Atticus Tamman