Thursday, February 14, 2013

R.A. Dickey: Knuckleballer that goes knuckle deep

Knuckleballers are a unique brand of pitchers. They are a rare sight these days and aren't your typical baseball players. It only makes sense that the nosepick would be indicative of that. Pointer finger is played out, it's all about the pinky, SON. Keep up.

Exellent planning on Dickey's part, using his non-pitching hand. The potential for injury was a risk Dickey was not willing to take, especially since he was having a magical, Cy-Young-award-winning season. He really got in there too. Dickey must have known that since his pinky is his smallest finger, it had the potential for a deeper pick. This type of forward thinking is what separates the All-Stars from the role players.

Good luck north of the border, R.A, you rugged man, you. I heard there are some dry spells in Toronto during the winter. Primo weather for nosepicking. My anticipation for your nosepicking performance next year is high. Don't let me down.

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