Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jordan Henriquez doesn't fuck around.

THIS IS WHAT THE FUCK I'M TALKING ABOUT. At this point in the game, I feel like I've seen it all when it comes to athletes and their nosepicking. I've seen all sorts of techniques and situations, and frankly a feeling that maybe the best has already been accomplished has been sweeping over me. Then a nosepick like this happens. This is what college basketball is all about. There is a fire in the belly of Jordan Henriquez. The passion for the game of basketball and nosepicking is evident on his face. Never have I been so terrified by a nosepicker. This man is picking his nose. AND WHAT. Fuck with him. Try it. I would never want to get in the way of this man and his boogers. The result could be fatal. God Bless your nightmare inducing nosepick. This truly is glorious. The camera can't focus on anything other than this monstrous nosepick. Classic pointer finger technique coupled with a glare that could move mountains and part seas. Sneering as if it to say I pick my nose and there is nothing you can do about it. You can't stoooop me. This nosepick makes me root for the villains in movies. This nosepick makes me want to fight someone, steal shit and set something on fire. It makes up for the weak "I'm just wiping sweat off my face, but really I'm picking my nose" technique employed by his teammate in the foreground.

With that said, Enjoy the nosepick lads and lassies, another one like this may be a long time coming. 

Thanks to Tyler Nilson for the picture

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