Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bosh Boshing LeBron

Long time coming, guys and gals. Law school is distracting me from my true love, this site. Please accept this fake nosepick photobomb (videobomb?) by Bosh as repentance. While I appreciate the intent, I would have appreciated the full commitment by Bosh more. You're a champion now! Act like it! Pick your nose for real next time. I want to give you respect, Bosh. I'm trying, I really am. This is a small step forward, but I see the potential for leaps and bounds. Form is great, timing is great, execution is flawed. No points for lipsynching your nosepick. Either way, enjoy folks. I will try to get a couple more in the upcoming week.

Happy Valentine's day, ya'll. This is my V-day gift to my loves, the fans:
Source: I don't know, the internet? I've been sitting on this one for a while. 

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