Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Tale of Two Nosepicks

What's up shitbirds? Have a good Turkey Day? I know for me it was fantastic. Food and Football. Gluttony and Watching large men in tights throw themselves at each other. What could be more Amurican. So while you were filling your fat face, some people worked to bring you material. For you. The fans.

During the Patriots/Jets game, we had really just a miserable game. The Patriots embarassed the Jets. When things were bleak competitively, the quarterbacks decided to have a side competition themselves. The nosepick once again sums up the personalities so perfectly. Up top we have Mark Sanchez. Lackadaisical, aloof, wallowing, with his lazy clamp nosepick. Mouth agape, staring upwards, as he wonders what he's doing out there.
Below we have Tom Brady. Focused. Forehead furrowed. Mouth pursed. You can see the force he's applying, pinching with authority with his clamp nosepick.  You don't just mush your nose and expect results. SANCHEZ. You bring the focus to a point. This is why Brady is a 3-time Super Bowl winner. You don't slack off. In Anything. This includes nosepicks. SANCHEZ. SANCHEZ. SANCHEZ. We want Tebow.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving ya'll. (Shout out to Soo-Min Shin for the image captures)


  1. Love the site, Keep up the good work. - Chris Broussard

  2. Holy shit! Chris Broussard! I feel blessed. Thanks for the info on Lebron's DECISION a few years ago! Riveting stuff

  3. Yeah man, this is good stuff. I've been a fan of the site for a long time. Going to share this with Bill Simmons, maybe he can hook you up with a spot on Grantland. - Chris Broussard

  4. I can't believe I even have a comment by a bigot on my site. You disgust me Chris Broussard.