Friday, August 31, 2012

Josh Hamilton. The epitome of MAN

Josh Hamiltion's snotrocket
I had the pleasure of seeing Josh Hamilton at the restaurant where I work when he was playing against the Yankees. I did not ask for a nosepick then because apparently there's some taboo against asking that while I am working and he is with his family. Luckily for me, however, all of that anxious nosepicking energy built up to this fantastic find by Deadspin. First Hamilton spits his gum out. And then, what's this? An itch in my nose? Nosepick? Nah. Tissue? For pussies. Time to get rid of this booger THE MAN'S WAY. He turns his head, puts his finger on a nostril and lets out a fierce snotrocket. What really makes this for me was him looking directly into the camera with a look of a man possessed. This snotrocket is happening. The momentum can not be stopped. I know the camera's on me, and I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I've been to the bottom, I'm on top now and I'll show you what I think of your silly "rules" and "hygiene". This is the disregard for societal norms that the world needs more today. Truly a rebel for the right cause. I raise the flag with you, Josh. (His family was very nice, I hope his daughter had a lovely birthday) ((He went 0-3, the day I waited on his table, I'm sorry if the service was less than excellent, I was very nervous.)) (((Follow on Twitter? I'll stop with the parentheses)))

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