Sunday, April 1, 2012

This is a message to all soccer players

I know you like picking your noses. I get it. It has helped my website immensely and I appreciate that. With all the grass and pollen around, allergies are bound to make you need to pick your nose. However may I humbly suggest Allegra, it offers 24 hour relief from indoor and outdoor allergies and may relieve you from having to constantly pick your nose. I tell you this to the detriment of my site, but the betterment of your sinuses. Please go to a pharmacy and help yourselves. I hate to see you suffer so much.
With that said, here's Zlatan, mucking up his jersey on the pitch, courtesy of adoring fan Atticus Tamman. With both nostrils suffering, Zlatan was beyond relief from just picking his nose, he needed his jersey to alleviate his problem. While not as soft and moisturizing as Kleenex, it did in a pinch. Glad a soccer player realized he had tools at his disposable other than his fingers. Now, please, go get a prescription. Or buy an over-the-counter drug. Anything, just help yourselves.
(Allegra, Kleenex call me, we could use a sponsor)

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