Friday, April 13, 2012

The Nobility of the Modern Backup Quarterback

Here we have Adam Joshua Feeley. When it comes to being a backup quarterback, he is one of the best. When occasionally filling in for real professional starters, he always knew when to play well to drum up a fake quarterback controversy and when to completely suck to remind teams that they should stick with the guy they had before. Some people are born stars. Some people are born to hold clipboards on the sideline and signal to the stars. A.J is the latter. After backing up Joey Harrington in college, Feeley went on to backup for multiple NFL teams before landing in St. Louis as seen in the picture below. I'd also like to remind everyone that although he backed up Harrington, Feeley is still in the NFL. On the other hand Harrington, once he was relieved of starting quarterback duties, could not handle the pressure of being a backup and retired soon after.

In this capture we see Feeley possess the poise that only someone used to standing in the background can have. There is his offensive coordinator yelling in the foreground to a dazed Sam Bradford, but Feeley knows to keep cool. There is no pressure on him to look good for the cameras, or actually win games. He just has to suit up, pretend to like the starting QB, and collect his check. That's why he can get away with a nonchalant nosepick in the background. This nosepick tells me this man is confident and under control. He picks his nose and that's ok because at most he'll be caught as a minor detail in the background. In the NFL, the key to longevity is to be a minor detail in the background, and therefore Feeley is a wise man. A wise man who picks his nose.

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