Tuesday, April 24, 2012

APTN has reached 100 posts! Come celebrate with me

http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=YfZml-0lr6Y <p>  There was only one option to go with the 100th post, so I sat on this video for a couple of weeks.
Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casilos picks his nose presumably to relax his mind and calm pregame jitters, and while the pick was impressive in itself, Casilos wanted magic. Sanchez wiped onto Brunell's jacket which in hindsight looks quaint. Casilos went for legend status and wiped it onto the child with which he was walking onto the pitch. Right on the cheek. The child was stunned before being completely disgusted. Welcome to the real world, kid. Your heroes are assholes, embarrassment is televised, and boogers are wiped on your face. This is life.
Sanchez threw the gauntlet down and Casilos nobly picked it up and one upped him. Who will be next to set the internet on fire with a nosepick like Sanchez and Casilos? Will we ever see such a performance again? Here's to finding out in the next 100 posts.

As for the celebration of the monumental landmark, we are having a raffle for a free APTN tshirt. I will have a status on facebook that you can comment on to enter. One lucky fan will get a tshirt, you have until May 1st to enter.


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  2. It's Iker Casillas. Not Casilos. Jus' sayin'. Also I'm very glad to be the recipient of said raffle win. Congrats on this milestone... lol.