Friday, March 16, 2012

March Mothafuckin' Madness ya'll

It's that time of ye

ar again. When the hopes and dreams of hundreds of fragile young men are shattered in front of millions of people. Love that schadenfreude. Err I mean I respect the hustle and passion. In that spirit we have a nosepick tipped off by fan Patrick Zayas and captured by the lovely Safia Ibrahim.
It's nice to see so much religious devotion in a nosepick. Cultures used to offer a sacrifice to the gods when praying and although a miracle was not in store for Davidson, this bench player offered a sacrifice of his own as if to say "it's all I have to offer".
Refusing to unclasp his hands (because everyone knows that's prayer bad luck) this player smoothly transitioned to the prayer nosepick. Often used by juveniles in the church setting it is underutilized in the sports setting and I for one am glad to see the emergence of other nosepicking techniques. Its almost enough to make a man go to church. Then again basketball is on..

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