Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ah soccer players never fail to produce content

Thankfully I have an English father so I caught some Premiere League nosepicks. To the left we have Vincent Kompany who we did not have the pleasure of seeing at the World Cup last year due to the Belgian team not qualifiying. The picture itself is pretty uneventful, besides the unfortunate chinstrap, with a basic clamp nosepick. This is a reminder, however, of the lesson I learned from the World Cup: soccer players fucking love picking their noses. Perhaps I should watch more of the Premiere League. But then again the NFL is on so..

Speaking of the World Cup though, Van Persie returns to APTN with another nosepick and it's good to see an old friend of the site showing up once again. Following a strong World Cup appearance (nosepick-wise) we get another treat from Arsenal. I can only hope that Van Persie continues his legacy and continues to play soccer in this beautiful fashion.