Friday, January 28, 2011

Andy Murray and the motivating force of a nosepick

 I am incredibly excited to give you our first tennis nose-pick. Andy Murray, with only 75 years and over 60 million people worth of pressure on his shoulders, went for the nostrils a few times during the match last night. While he was down early to David Ferrer, Andy Murray clearly rode his nose-picked nostril momentum to a comeback victory. David Ferrer completely ignored his nose and for that he paid.
You may say it's a coincidence that the victor of the match picked his nose (twice) and the loser didn't but that's nonsense. I have seen enough nose-picks in my time to know how it can be a powerful force in sports. Murray is moving on to play against Djokovich in the Aussie Open finals. I can only hope he watches the tape of this match and remembers what spurred him to victory. If he doesn't, God save the queen, The English will go another Major without a victory. and I will go nosepick-less.

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