Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Colin Cowherd round 2, it just keeps getting better

Thank you deadspin, I can't heap enough praise onto you for your efforts in promoting athletic nose picking. You treat me to a second Colin Cowherd nose pick? It really is too much, I don't deserve it. You, fans, do however. I know it's been slow updating around here, but you keep coming back because you know I bring you what you want. Here is another example of the 'Herd picking his nose, most likely digging for an opinion. If I'm not mistaken the result of this was the judging of John Wall's career based off of a pregame Dougie. Thank you Colin, for continuing to come through in the clutch, we here at APTN appreciate the consistency. These repeat performances are few and far between so you have to enjoy the ones you can get.

  For all you new fans who have been coming here because you searched "Colin Cowherd looks like a rat" or in many cases are interested in the Manning brothers picking their noses, welcome to the family. Feel free to contribute, comment, and follow on twitter

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