Tuesday, December 21, 2010

APTN Firsthand: Dan Meacock

Now that we are settled in nicely here at athletespickingtheirnoses.com, I'd like to commemorate this event with something a little different. We have managed to get a first hand account with picture from a star Division I soccer player. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dan Meacock in part I of our APTN Firsthand series:

"There comes a time is every game, every moment, every walk of life, when noses get stuffed...First with gross natural things..followed by ones fingers, resulting in easy breathing even with ones mouth closed. As a Division 1 athlete there are plenty of times when I'm a bit too busy to grab a tissue or ask a friend...so what else can I do to get rid of that stuffy feeling. I have nowhere else to turn in the heat of the moment other than to my trusted index friend. He has the ability to wipe away the troubles like nothing and no one else can at such short notice. So kids, parents, nagging old ladies, embrace the index, have a dig and you too can experience the magic...the magic of easy breathing, the magic of nonconformity, and the magic of witnessing an athlete picking their nose...then getting paid. 
Thank you for your time,
Dan Meacock
Belmont University"

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