Friday, December 3, 2010

Am I posting this picture out of spite? Perhaps, but nonetheless Jimbo Fisher picking his nose, ladies and gentlemen

As an impartial nasally-inclined sports journalist, I try to be as impartial as possible. I cannot, however, restrain my joy at this picture of FSU coach Jimbo Fisher clamping the nose. Add to that the score at the top, this truly is a glorious picture. We shall not speak of the game on Nov. 27th because as far as I'm concerned this season never happened, I'm banking on maybe a coma or concussion to help me forget this miserable season. Back to Jimbo, even though this is a joyous occasion featuring an FSU coach picking his nose on camera while losing to Florida, this pick is pretty run of the mill. I'm sure he was playing it off as a scratch as often to which this style lends itself, but I see none of the pizazz other athletes exhibit. Perhaps his days of athletic picking have gone with his old age, but I think the most disappointing part is that I see so much potential in Jimbo. He has the face of a nose-picker, the name of a nose-picker, and coaches at a school of nose-pickers. Show some pride Jimbo, I know you can do better.


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