Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colin Cowherd manages to look more like a rat than usual

Because I understand the grueling schedule and athleticism needed to do top notch sports reporting, I have to put Colin Cowherd on the blog with this full out nose pick. This man didn't just put the fingers in the nose, he put the focus on the face. This man puts everything he has into each misguided opinion, dumb joke, and, as we see now, nose pick.

You fans know how much I can appreciate a passionate nose pick and Cowherd gives me something to cheer for. This picture falls in line with how LeBron's pick captures his essence; Cowherd's pick perfectly encapsulates his ratty look and attitude. Thank you Cowherd for forgetting that you were being filmed while on the radio. We appreciate that kind of slip-up here at APTN, and remember, Colin, keep those nostrils clear.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Reflection on the Modern State of WoMAN: The rise of empowerment and breaking down of convential women's roles in today's society: How WNBA players picking their noses IS Feminism

Sometimes I sit here and realize the immense amount of sacrifice that comes with running a successful blog like this. Countless hours watching sporting events so you, the fan, can enjoy the the nasal rummages of our beloved athletes. This was perhaps the most challenging and least enjoyable undertaking so far. The WNBA. The women here lack the athletic ability and excitement that comes in the NBA. Where are the heroines and villains, where's the drama, where's the passion? With this in mind, I was wondering, would the nosepicks even be worth it? Will I get another Vince Wilfork, Steve Francis, or LeBron King James? I trudged through 30 minutes of the game and was not surprised by the effort. I'm not going to say women are genetically inferior to men, but I question whether they can pick their noses while competing in athletic events as well as men. They deserve to have their league and pick noses in it, but I reserve the right to not watch it. You can do better than these mediocre efforts, women have come too far to come so flat like this. Step it up women, I know you can do better. I'm looking at you Manica Patrick.