Monday, July 5, 2010

The Dutch.Brazilian World Cup Nose Pick Extravaganza Part. 1: The coaches

The Netherlands Coaches were not only wearing the same playboy suits (with the top button unbuttoned of course) they also were picking their noses in the same scene as well. Success in team sports is really all about buying into the same philosophy and executing the plan. The coaches bought into camaraderie, as one coach picked his nose the other one followed suit. Clearly this togetherness and belief in team was what spurred them to victory over Brazil, because as we'll will see in Parts 2 and 3, The Netherlands as a team committed to the culture of nose-picking while Dani Alves was the only one clearing the channels on the Brazilian side. It's really an impressive thing to watch when an entire team seems to act as one entity playing soccer and picking their noses. I think it's clear to see that the Netherlands are the favorites for the rest of the tournament.

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