Thursday, July 1, 2010

Controversy in Cleveland

I posted a picture the other day of Sportscenter showing Brian Shaw picking his nose when reporting that he may have the Cavs job lined up. It comes as no surprise to me that he eventually did not get the job. It sickens me that ESPN would sink this low, actively messing with a man's life. ESPN still has not manned up and commented on the scandal but I will be waiting and asking the tough questions. What does ESPN have against Brian Shaw? Do they feel responsible? Should ESPN subscribe to a higher standard of ethics when reporting the news or is this schmuckery acceptable when trying to get ratings? Hopefully these questions will be answered soon.

 I mean how could ESPN show something like that during a pivotal time in Shaw's life. (I posted the picture below again if you don't remember the levels ESPN sunk to for ratings) It's really disgusting what ESPN did.

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  1. Who got the job in the end?

    Great blog by the way, it's definitely one of a kind!

  2. Byron Scott did, and of course ESPN did not show a single image of him picking his nose