Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LeBron Watch 2010: Brian Shaw's big moment

Here at APTN, we pride myself on knowing what's going on in the sports world. Since everyone with even a tenuous connection with sports is covering LeBron's free agency, we need to as well. The Cavaliers butchered their front office on the slim hope they can still get LeBron back. Brian Shaw is their first step I guess? Perhaps the love of nose-picking will bring LeBron back to Cleveland and connect with the coach.

Brian Shaw has been an assistant with the Lakers for 5 years now following a journeyman basketball career. He paid his dues and is potentially the new Cavaliers coach. ESPN, in its continued commitment to objective journalism, shows some clips of Shaw coaching Kobe and on the bench when talking about him and the opening in Cleveland. ESPN has years of video they could use, and what do they do? Feature a clip of him looking miniscule next to Phil Jackson, and meekly ducking and picking his nose of course. Shaw is trying to make himself the smallest target possible as he goes for the pick and yet ESPN finds him and features him before the biggest moment in his coaching career. I reached out to ESPN for a comment but as of yet I have received no response.

As for the actual pick, I think it was certainly a solid one and if you're going to pick your nose while sitting next to the head coach during a nationally televised event, that was probably the smartest. I would've preferred the lean for some gatorade and pick move, but then I probably wouldn't have anything to post.

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