Monday, June 28, 2010

APTN presents World Cup Coverage: Joachim Low's self-loathing

While I thought the World Cup ended after the U.S.A./Ghana game, I guess they decided there are still games to play? This is from the German drubbing of the English and as you can see, German Manager Joachim Low is a troubled man.  He seems to be suffering the same guilt as Joni Pitkanen.  Low looks terrified about picking his nose, but he looks absolutely mortified with himself as he transfers the schmutz from his schnoz. He had rushed into the nose trying to sneak it in and was actually interrupted in the process which would only add to his anxiety. I only hope the German victory will help lift some of the crushing pain on his soul from his desire to pick his nose. It's good to see though that he eats it so daintily to match his dainty little scarf.

Stay tuned for more coverage as the whole world watches athletes convene in South Africa to pick their nose and also play soccer. 

(as seen on deadspin)

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