Monday, May 31, 2010

Clay Hensley picks for the troops

Thanks to eagle-eyed longtime fan of the site Maurice Tamman, we get this beauty. With the slew of basketball players featured on this site, I was beginning to forget that baseball is the sport where you have nothing better to do than pick your nose most of the time. What makes this Clay Hensley nose pick so great is that not only is he unabashed with an audience in the bullpen, he also goes for the double dip which I think we can all enjoy. Happy Memorial Day to all, don't forget the men and women who died so you could pick your nose safely and freely.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

James Posey and Stephen Jackson share a moment

James Posey helping Stephen Jackson keep up with his nasal cleanliness. I'm not gonna judge him for picking the nose of another man but you know, I don't want to see it. Keep it to yourself, I don't think our kids should see two men getting so close to each other. It just isn't natural and if our kids who look up these players see them doing it, they may think it's ok and do it to each other like these basketball stars. I don't want to see America the beautiful come to that, so I mean if you do, please keep it in your own home. Anyway, I don't know what technique Stephen Jackson prefers, but Posey clearly enjoys the one finger technique, which is classic for a reason, so at the very least I can appreciate the execution.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exclusive Pick of the Night: Pau Gasol goes with a classic

The first exclusive on this site, fresh from the loss to the Suns tonight. Pau, during the tiring 6 for 14 game he had, is braving the conditions of whatever is sitting on his face. Pau really shows the grace not seen in other big men in this pick. He of course goes for the classic clamp which seems to be athletes' go to pick. I think this lies in its easy escape in case someone see them, but more importantly because it can sometimes pass as a simple nose scratch, wherein the inside finger is only offering stability to the scratch, nothing more. With that said, however, this was clearly a man with something in his nose he wanted to get out. From what I could tell, I think it was Sasha Vujacic, although there are no confirmed reports on that yet.

Credit to the ever vigilant nose-pick aficionado Ellie Bloom for the picture

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kevin Durant with the quiet swag

Kevin Durant has been quietly been building up some significant swag in the league. Leading the NBA in scoring, almost beating Kobe in the first round, hat tipped at a swagtastic angle, big watch, and of course the matching track suit all contribute, but really the reason KD was reeking swag there was the nosepick. He readjusts the hat to wring out just a little more swag from the angle and then goes for the pick. It was a very confident pick, one where you can see how the hesitancy that he may have previously shown in his earlier years is all but gone. It's good to see the young man maturing and picking the nose without having to care whether people are watching or not. That's superstardom.