Thursday, April 1, 2010

Matt Howard: Meditation on the modern state of the nose-pick

A Final 4 berth and a spotlight on APTN? Matt Howard is living the dream.

Around the time the Tournament started, I stumbled onto this indifferent pick by Matt Howard. I held off posting it because of the Nose-picking bracket and because I wanted to see how far Butler would go in the Tournament, and they did not disappoint.

Unfortunately this nose-pick is a bit disappointing. Not only does it lack the depth of a John Danks, it lacks the concentration of Steve Francis and the passion of LeBron.

There is something to say though for such a nonchalant pick. Perhaps this aloofness is a noble way to pick a nose, not ashamed to do it because it's just a nose-pick, an everyday thing. Society has placed restrictions on what we can do, and Howard tears down these walls by bringing these taboos out in the open with no shame. So I take back the disappointment, this understated pick has a subtle beauty that is only recognized after some contemplation on the motivations, personality, and technique of the picker. So thank you, Matt, for bringing me to reflect on why I do this and making a powerful statement on society today.

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