Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mark Mandingo is a class act

Mark Mangino's athletic days are long behind him (He did play semi-pro baseball at one point) but he was until recently intimately involved with athletes.

This man clearly has a lot going for him, balding head, obese, inverted penis, thick grubby fingers, and a killer 'stache. You'd think that with these features, he'd have an awesome personality. Mandingo doesn't have time for that silliness repeatedly using foul language and "a harsh approach to people". He's a man and a football coach through and through.

and also a nose-picker.

Friday, April 9, 2010

David Anderson is a white guy with a basketball

Congratulations David Anderson on joining the ranks of A-poon for landmark firsts for this site. The first unintentional nose-pick. In typical goofy white NBA player fashion David Anderson shows why white people lost the game of basketball, national championship game this year notwithstanding.

Because of his superior body and obvious athletic ability, this man makes $2,314,815 a year, doesn't that make you feel good about yourself?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Matt Howard: Meditation on the modern state of the nose-pick

A Final 4 berth and a spotlight on APTN? Matt Howard is living the dream.

Around the time the Tournament started, I stumbled onto this indifferent pick by Matt Howard. I held off posting it because of the Nose-picking bracket and because I wanted to see how far Butler would go in the Tournament, and they did not disappoint.

Unfortunately this nose-pick is a bit disappointing. Not only does it lack the depth of a John Danks, it lacks the concentration of Steve Francis and the passion of LeBron.

There is something to say though for such a nonchalant pick. Perhaps this aloofness is a noble way to pick a nose, not ashamed to do it because it's just a nose-pick, an everyday thing. Society has placed restrictions on what we can do, and Howard tears down these walls by bringing these taboos out in the open with no shame. So I take back the disappointment, this understated pick has a subtle beauty that is only recognized after some contemplation on the motivations, personality, and technique of the picker. So thank you, Matt, for bringing me to reflect on why I do this and making a powerful statement on society today.