Thursday, March 4, 2010

You can never be too careful

Edit: I regret to inform you that the video is no longer on Youtube. I will attempt to track another version down, but I fear that this glorious nosepick is lost to the ether...

The next in line of my shitty quality youtube videos is Joni Pitkanen. While it's not absurd of him to assume hockey wouldn't have anyone watching and certainly no one filming, Joni was cautious, looking around, doing a few preliminary scratches/picks until he finally got what he wanted. At this point he could've just eaten it, but he wanted to be subtle, so he stuck his tongue out and slid the picking finger down and immediately played it off by sliding his finger up the bridge of his nose. Joni though obviously feels guilty about it, he's not proud of this habit. The look on his face is one of intense shame about being addictied to nose-picking. He doesn't want to have this urge to pick it at inappropriate times. Joni, I hope one day nose-picking can be seen as a serious addiction for some and not a social stigma that one must feel so much humiliation about. Good Luck Joni, I'm here for your support if you need it.

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