Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ghost of JJ's past

March Madness is upon us, so I give it its respect by putting this beauty up. JJ was redickuled incessantly by Maryland fans for this pick, so it's only right that I dig up old memories that I'm sure JJ will appreciate. My breakdown of this nose-pick is that JJ just goes for it without thinking. It happens, you got something there and need it out, you go for it before weighing the consequences. He then sees the camera pointed at him and stops. He realizes he's been caught. He then nervously messes with the towel in his hand, and coming close to me labeling this as an eaten booger too. I think JJ realized that this would be used against him nonstop for the rest of the year/his college career. He seems to be focusing very hard on not looking at the camera again and not cussing to himself out loud. I'm impressed by the calmness of his face though, he kept it together and for that I think JJ should be applauded. and then continue to be mocked. Still, respect JJ, it wasn't an easy situation.

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