Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Final 4 is set

This is an old post, but google seems to have a crush on it and thinks a bunch of people to it, so please check out other posts to get your athletes picking their noses fix.

Another round, another disappointment. Despite 'Bron 'Bron getting 50% of the vote, Vince Young got the victory because of the higher seed I think. I really only have myself to blame, as I voted for LeBron 16 instead of Lebron 1. How could I know that would be his downfall? Either way, shame on you voters for not recognizing the greatness of those pictures.

Alas, it's time for a couple of predictions.

I think Vince Young will undeservedly go into the finals over Obama, but really that's a tossup at this point. Obama could ride the healthcare reform victory good-feeling into the final. He's got to be excited for the chance to finally pass healthcare reform AND win the National Athletic Association of Nose-Pickers Championship in the same week.

Patrick Patterson toughed it out over John Danks and I think will get the win over Guillaume once again on the strength of the feasting he did. Hopefully Patrick can focus for his games this weekend with the tough matchup looming. 

Vote or go on with your day, but I'd rather you vote, if it's convenient, I mean you don't have to, just would be nice, help me out or something, but it's cool if you don't, but still, you should vote!

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