Saturday, March 20, 2010

2nd Round

Mostly expected results in the 1st round, voted for Kurt Busch against Obama but clearly Obama was not undeserving. The biggest disappointment though was Joni Pitkanen losing to Eli Manning. I understand the place where Eli picked it should not go unrecognized but Joni's pick was epic, and I am awfully disappointed in the voters. With that said, the Manning/Obama matchup is awfully presidential.

With that disappointment, we'll move on to second round predictions and offer alternate entries if you disagree:

Lebron James/Vince Young matchup is probably the best of the second round but I see Lebron pulling it out mostly due to the smug smile he had at the end of the flick. VY's were agile picks, but Lebron picks it and flicks it and smiles at his achievement so on that he should ride a victory to the Final 4.

Obama and Manning is the closest (and like I said most disappointing) matchup. I would go with Obama for the suaveness and being on live TV, while Manning is just a picture albeit a quality one.

John Danks/Patrick Paterson is another solid, solid matchup. I think John Danks's original pick is superior, but we get the extra bonus of Paterson eating it and I think that'll put him over the top. Probably the most exciting matchup of the tourney.

Manny and Guillaume are 2 men who like to go deep, The facial distortion Guillaume has in his pick will give him the victory.

The Elite 8 is looking to be an exciting round, so it'll be interesting to see how the voters sort out the winners.

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