Friday, March 19, 2010

1st round predictions

Lebron gets the bye round because he is the clear number one overall (and I didn't have enough pictures/videos for the full 16)

In the Vince Young/A-Rod matchup I see Young coming out on top because it was simply a masterful performance, a man at the top of his game. A-rod's was a bit plain, but people may vote for him simply because of who he is. Still, I'm going with VY

It's Joni Pitkanen over Eli simply because of the caution he exhibited before the pick and his reaction after. Perhaps he has the benefit of video over Eli, but it was still pretty classic. Eli gets points for the place he did it, but it's still Joni on top.

Kurt Busch gets the nod for me over Obama personally for the difficulty level, but I think Obama will win since he's Obama and the place he did. Live during the health care summit. He gets points off for not being an *official* athlete which may put some voters off, but I think he will come out on top over Busch.

John Danks over Kobe. That one is obvious. It's dubious Kobe is even picking his nose.

In the matchup of College Basketball stars, the fact that Patrick Patterson ate it, gives him the edge and I think the voters will recognize that.

Guillaume Latendresse will beat out Jeter because of the power he brings, Jeter is more of a finesse picker which doesn't match up well with Latendresse, a hard-nose nose-picker.

Manny 2 over Manny 1, the picture was captured in greater detail and deeper in. Manny 2 has to be the favorite.

--I will post the results of the first round here tomorrow night, stay tuned.

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