Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Title Picture

I will probably mess around with it some more so it may not be the final version, let me know what ya'll think about it

Monday, March 29, 2010

Steve Francis treats the Orlando fans

I may have a new favorite. Stevie Franchise seems to have been transfixed by the nosepick, as if all of his mental capabilities are being focused on cleaning the halls. In the video below, you see him implementing multiple techniques and disregarding any semblance of decorum. At one point he even goes cross-eyed from mental determination. And for that I applaud him. On top of all that, he goes for the rare pick-to-flick, showing that he is practiced in the art of the nose-pick. Future nose-picking athletes should take note of the master, truly a sight to behold.

Pat Pat eats his way to victory

A disappointing end to the bracket, with the website having a seizure proclaiming Obama the winner, when I had been tracking the results, and the site switching the votes somehow. Obama stole the bracket like he stole the nomination. So I am making an executive decision and proclaiming Pattrick Paterson the winner. Congratulations Pat Pat, I hope this takes away the sting of losing in the tourney and your future lackluster NBA career.

Once again, your winner:
Clearly Pat Pat analyzing the booger and diving in gave him the victory over Obama's thumb slide. I think it is a deserving winner, and wish him luck in any future nose-picking endeavors. I will wait with bated breath.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pick a Winner

So it's the finals and it's not the matchup I expected to say the least. Patrick Patterson and Obama in resounding victories. Both riding the hot hand, but I think Patterson will pull it out. They were both so nonchalant about the nosepick, but Patterson is actually an athlete, and he eats it. Nonchalant picking AND nonchalant eating has got to beat nonchalant picking, right? right? Maybe. Probably not. Who knows. Still going with Patterson.

Pick a winner (I'm sorry. I've been avoiding these jokes, but it works so well here, I had to.)

New pictures/videos after the tournament coming up

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Final 4 is set

This is an old post, but google seems to have a crush on it and thinks a bunch of people to it, so please check out other posts to get your athletes picking their noses fix.

Another round, another disappointment. Despite 'Bron 'Bron getting 50% of the vote, Vince Young got the victory because of the higher seed I think. I really only have myself to blame, as I voted for LeBron 16 instead of Lebron 1. How could I know that would be his downfall? Either way, shame on you voters for not recognizing the greatness of those pictures.

Alas, it's time for a couple of predictions.

I think Vince Young will undeservedly go into the finals over Obama, but really that's a tossup at this point. Obama could ride the healthcare reform victory good-feeling into the final. He's got to be excited for the chance to finally pass healthcare reform AND win the National Athletic Association of Nose-Pickers Championship in the same week.

Patrick Patterson toughed it out over John Danks and I think will get the win over Guillaume once again on the strength of the feasting he did. Hopefully Patrick can focus for his games this weekend with the tough matchup looming. 

Vote or go on with your day, but I'd rather you vote, if it's convenient, I mean you don't have to, just would be nice, help me out or something, but it's cool if you don't, but still, you should vote!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2nd Round

Mostly expected results in the 1st round, voted for Kurt Busch against Obama but clearly Obama was not undeserving. The biggest disappointment though was Joni Pitkanen losing to Eli Manning. I understand the place where Eli picked it should not go unrecognized but Joni's pick was epic, and I am awfully disappointed in the voters. With that said, the Manning/Obama matchup is awfully presidential.

With that disappointment, we'll move on to second round predictions and offer alternate entries if you disagree:

Lebron James/Vince Young matchup is probably the best of the second round but I see Lebron pulling it out mostly due to the smug smile he had at the end of the flick. VY's were agile picks, but Lebron picks it and flicks it and smiles at his achievement so on that he should ride a victory to the Final 4.

Obama and Manning is the closest (and like I said most disappointing) matchup. I would go with Obama for the suaveness and being on live TV, while Manning is just a picture albeit a quality one.

John Danks/Patrick Paterson is another solid, solid matchup. I think John Danks's original pick is superior, but we get the extra bonus of Paterson eating it and I think that'll put him over the top. Probably the most exciting matchup of the tourney.

Manny and Guillaume are 2 men who like to go deep, The facial distortion Guillaume has in his pick will give him the victory.

The Elite 8 is looking to be an exciting round, so it'll be interesting to see how the voters sort out the winners.

Don't forget to vote!

Friday, March 19, 2010

1st round predictions

Lebron gets the bye round because he is the clear number one overall (and I didn't have enough pictures/videos for the full 16)

In the Vince Young/A-Rod matchup I see Young coming out on top because it was simply a masterful performance, a man at the top of his game. A-rod's was a bit plain, but people may vote for him simply because of who he is. Still, I'm going with VY

It's Joni Pitkanen over Eli simply because of the caution he exhibited before the pick and his reaction after. Perhaps he has the benefit of video over Eli, but it was still pretty classic. Eli gets points for the place he did it, but it's still Joni on top.

Kurt Busch gets the nod for me over Obama personally for the difficulty level, but I think Obama will win since he's Obama and the place he did. Live during the health care summit. He gets points off for not being an *official* athlete which may put some voters off, but I think he will come out on top over Busch.

John Danks over Kobe. That one is obvious. It's dubious Kobe is even picking his nose.

In the matchup of College Basketball stars, the fact that Patrick Patterson ate it, gives him the edge and I think the voters will recognize that.

Guillaume Latendresse will beat out Jeter because of the power he brings, Jeter is more of a finesse picker which doesn't match up well with Latendresse, a hard-nose nose-picker.

Manny 2 over Manny 1, the picture was captured in greater detail and deeper in. Manny 2 has to be the favorite.

--I will post the results of the first round here tomorrow night, stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bracket Time!

Click the link below to vote in the bracket showdowns and check back later to see if your favorite won and vote in the next round. Click the links on the ones without a video to see the pictures of the nose-pickers. Keep in mind all of the variables: The audacity of the nose-pick, the technique, the demeanor of the nose-picker, the environment, etc. Have Fun.
Vote for your favorite!

It's time to fill out your brackets people. Who will win top nose-pick? Will it be a juggernaut like Lebron or will the cinderella John Danks win it? There's only one way to find out. Vote! 

Ghost of JJ's past

March Madness is upon us, so I give it its respect by putting this beauty up. JJ was redickuled incessantly by Maryland fans for this pick, so it's only right that I dig up old memories that I'm sure JJ will appreciate. My breakdown of this nose-pick is that JJ just goes for it without thinking. It happens, you got something there and need it out, you go for it before weighing the consequences. He then sees the camera pointed at him and stops. He realizes he's been caught. He then nervously messes with the towel in his hand, and coming close to me labeling this as an eaten booger too. I think JJ realized that this would be used against him nonstop for the rest of the year/his college career. He seems to be focusing very hard on not looking at the camera again and not cussing to himself out loud. I'm impressed by the calmness of his face though, he kept it together and for that I think JJ should be applauded. and then continue to be mocked. Still, respect JJ, it wasn't an easy situation.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama. The athlete, the nose-picker.

I know what many of you will say: "Barack Obama is the President, not an athlete." My response to that is, with the hoops he's been jumping through to get health care reform passed, he's practically a gymnast! You see people, that's what's called being topical. Besides, we all know he's big on basketball and look at this bod!
That is an athlete.
I don't think this nose-picking picture gives justice to how suave Obama pulled this off on live TV:

He did not miss a beat, such an organic process, so fluid. I stand in awe of your abilities, sir.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kurt Busch overcoming adversity

What commitment to a cause. Kurt Busch doesn't let wearing gloves, having his every move filmed by an in-car camera, or wearing a helmet get in the way of him picking his nose. I've tried picking with a glove and helmet on. Not easy, it takes some serious maneuvering, but Kurt spends his life like this, so I imagine he has gotten some practice. Plus, he's got a convenient wipe spot, his steering wheel, that he uses to his advantage. More NASCAR drivers need to take note how Kurt gets things done.

Side Note: I know this opens up the discussion of whether NASCAR drivers are athletes, but for the sheer dexterity shown by Kurt, I think in this case we can give it to him.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Like that 'Bron 'Bron?

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 Normally when someone picks their nose, I assume there's more to that person, that that nose-pick does not necessarily reflect who that person is at their core. This is not normally. Never have I seen a nose-pick that so perfectly captures who someone is at a fundamental level like 'Bron 'Bron here. What a dig at the beginning, just no shame. 'Bron 'Bron clearly thinks (probably correctly) that he can do whatever he wants, not bothering to hide it at all. He then proceeds to flick the prize onto the court and settles into such a self-satisfied smug smile. I can only assume it landed on Delonte West. Amazing. If someone asked me to describe who LeBron is and why he's kind of a douche, this picture says it all. It really is a beautiful sight to see.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You can never be too careful

Edit: I regret to inform you that the video is no longer on Youtube. I will attempt to track another version down, but I fear that this glorious nosepick is lost to the ether...

The next in line of my shitty quality youtube videos is Joni Pitkanen. While it's not absurd of him to assume hockey wouldn't have anyone watching and certainly no one filming, Joni was cautious, looking around, doing a few preliminary scratches/picks until he finally got what he wanted. At this point he could've just eaten it, but he wanted to be subtle, so he stuck his tongue out and slid the picking finger down and immediately played it off by sliding his finger up the bridge of his nose. Joni though obviously feels guilty about it, he's not proud of this habit. The look on his face is one of intense shame about being addictied to nose-picking. He doesn't want to have this urge to pick it at inappropriate times. Joni, I hope one day nose-picking can be seen as a serious addiction for some and not a social stigma that one must feel so much humiliation about. Good Luck Joni, I'm here for your support if you need it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

John Danks goes knuckle deep

Clearly baseball players have the most problems when it comes to their nasal passages. There must be something about the clay (and crushing boredom) that requires them to constantly be clearing their noses out. John Danks, after a perfectly below average game must've been awfully stuffed up because the man is knuckle deep trying to get that guy out. Danks had one thing on his mind: needing to pick his nose and didn't care who saw it, not even bothering to pretend to be doing something else or looking around to make sure no one is looking. Luckily he was smart enough to not use his pitching arm, because who knows what happens when you get that deep up there

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guillaume Latendresse does it Canada-style

I'll be up front and say I don't know much about Guillaume Latendresse. The few things I know, helped by wikipedia, is that he has a silly French-Canadian name and he plays for the Minnesota Wild. He clearly takes that mascot seriously: this nose-pick embodies Wild. This is no finger up the nose or quick swipe. This is the clamp, gripping firmly and tugging. Clearly this must have been a particularly stubborn booger, and I hope he got it. Anyone putting as much effort into something as he put into this nose-pick deserves to come out victorious. Good Luck, Guillaume.

He also apparently posed topless in a Canadian gay magazine. Nice.

Manny picking Manny

We are double dipping today with 2 examples of Manny just being his wacky zany self. Look how silly he looks picking his nose. I try to be mad at his antics but it's just Manny being Manny, I can't stay mad at him. You keep on picking that nose Manny. Don't ever change.

Derek Jeter leads his team by keeping his nose clean

Derek Jeter. Captain. Clutch. Mr November. Leader. Sexy. and now we add Nose-Picker. Clearly A-Rod featured earlier was simply following his captain's lead when it comes to picking his nose. But look at this form. Some may say he's not picking his nose but this is clearly not Jeter's first time to the dance. He's gone for the nose-pick that transfers into a scratch of the upper lip. This may even be on the end of a prolonged pick, but that would be pure speculation. I was tempted to say it wasn't even a nose-pick, but that face is classic and gives away his true gold-digging intentions.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Vince Young is a Professional

 I have never been as impressed with nose-picking as I am with this masterful performance by Vince Young back when he played for Texas. You can clearly see the same grace and agility he exhibits on the field being showcased by this nose-picking. The movement, the quick cuts, and at the same time the power of each nose-pick is a marvel to witness. This nose-pick slalom was one for the ages. Bravo.

Side note: He clearly does not eat his boogers in this video so pardon the video, I did not take it or name it

Eli Manning winning

The difference between winners and losers is that winners do what they want. when they want. This includes picking your nose right behind the president when he's giving a speech. Eli Manning is a winner.